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Overweight Permits

The Motor Vehicle Division (MVD) of the Arizona Department of Transportation (ADOT) partnered with the motor carrier industry specializing in produce shipping to create a Single Trip Overweight Permit for sealed loads of produce traveling through the Nogales Port of Entry in within the 25 mile commercial zone. The program started in May 2010, and it allows vehicles with an overall Gross Vehicle Weight of over 80,000 pounds to a maximum limit of 90,800 pounds to legally drive within the Arizona Commercial Zone.

The overweight border permit program reduces the number of truck trips necessary to move Mexican produce to major markets in North America. Reducing the number of trucks puts fewer commercial vehicles on Arizona roadways, reducing traffic congestion and increasing traffic safety. The new permit also enhances security since cargo loads remain sealed longer and are less vulnerable to tampering.

Overweight Permits

The Nogales overweight commercial truck permit pilot program at Mariposa POE efficiently moves time-sensitive produce shipments from Mexico across the border into Arizona.


Below are some of the requirements:

  • Must arrive in a sealed container originating from Mexico
  • The vehicle configuration must have at least five axles
  • The axle group weight configuration cannot exceed the maximum weight allowed in the Arizona Administrative Code
  • Trucks can only follow specific routes designated by ADOT on the permit

ADOT shares the overweight permit fees with the City of Nogales and Santa Cruz County to ensure that the local municipalities are able to keep up the maintenance of local infrastructure that may be impacted by the overweight trucks. This results in approximately $1.5 million annually being split by both the City and the County for roadway projects under their local jurisdiction.

To learn more contact ADOT about oversize/overweight permits.

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