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Foreign Trade Zone

Nogales is home to generations of trusted professionals and companies with proven expertise in trade, business transactions and connections. The long established logistics networks in FTZ 60 efficiently and effectively import, export, manufacture and distribute goods. This kind of expertise is invaluable in matching small and medium size businesses with the resources they need to grow. An important asset supporting the Ambos Nogales maquila industry, FTZ 60 is a vehicle to delay and reduce duties.

Years of tradition and solid business relationships have built an unequaled foundation of trust and confidence. This expertise is invaluable in providing the resources necessary for both small and large business growth by providing access to trusted, deep networks of relationships.

Border Efficiency

Nogales, AZ Foreign Trade Zone allows flexibility in locating duty-free zones across the entire County, for a total of 2,000 acres of activated FTZ.

Access to Markets

FTZ 60 is geographically situated to serve local, regional and global markets. The area is within 500 miles of these major markets and ports. Long Beach/LA; Albuquerque; San Diego; Las Vegas; Guaymas, MX; El Paso; Hermosillo, MX; Yuma; Phoenix. Santa Cruz County, which encompasses FTZ 60, is positioned at the United States southern entry of the CANAMEX trade corridor connecting Western Canada with Mexico’s Pacific Coast and Mexico City. FTZ 60 provides the best location for businesses need to collaborate with Mexico’s West Coast supply chain. Average manufacturing costs in Mexico are now almost 20 percent lower than in China.

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