Ports Of Entry

Nogales is home to three Land Ports of Entry: Mariposa, DeConcini (formerly Grande Avenue) and Morley Avenue. Nogales International Airport also provides U.S. Customs services and serves as a fourth Port of Entry for the Nogales area, and a fifth port services the cattle industry.

In Federal Fiscal Year 2014, border crossing statistics were as follows:

Bus Passengers: 168,768
Buses: 9,423
Pedestrians: 2,886,022
Personal Vehicle Passengers: 6,798,080
Personal Vehicles: 3,286,532
Trains: 795
Trucks: 312,010

Five Ports of Entry

The Port Authority's efforts have lead to the secure and efficient flow of people and goods at five ports of entry in Nogales.

Mariposa POE Expansion

The $244 million expansion and modernization of the Mariposa Land Port of Entry represents one of the U.S. General Services Administration’s largest investments to date.  The state-of-the-art facilities have been designed to increase the speed and accuracy of processing and to minimize delays at this, the fourth-busiest land port of entry into the United States. The Mariposa Port will have the shortest wait times on the U.S.-Mexico border. Instead of the seven-hour wait times of past years, Mariposa wait times have dropped to around one hour. Of the 2,000 new Customs officers authorized nationwide in the most recent federal budget, 170 of those officers have been allotted to Arizona with 120 of those officers destined for Nogales.

Nogales is the best location for just-in-time delivery for Mexico’s West Coast supply chain. Nogales is the only place where the U.S. I-10/ I-19 corridor meets the ever-growing commerce on Mexico’s highway 15. The Mariposa Port will play a pivotal role in North Americas’ newest north-south trade corridor connecting Mexico through Arizona to the Pacific Northwest and Canada.

Sustainability is a hallmark of the expanded facility. The Mariposa Port of the Future is “Green” and designed to be friendly to both the environment and the people who use it. The port’s structure is LEED certified and incorporates features such as a solar domestic hot water system, rain water harvesting system, advanced lighting and building automation systems, as well as recycled content materials selections and low maintenance finishes.

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