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Through the direct efforts of the Port Authority, the financial impact on the Ambos Nogales area’s Mariposa Port of Entry expansion has totaled investments of nearly $330 million for design, construction of the port, and expansion of southbound lanes.

This investment in the Mariposa POE reconfiguration has resulted in development of almost 1 million square feet of new commercial warehousing construction in the city and county for the produce and manufacturing industries.

As a result of the Port Authority’s Overweight Permits program, investment in Ambos Nogales is estimated to amount to more than $500,000 per year for Santa Cruz County and City of Nogales, and possibly more than $1 million per year until the end of the program as more trucks cross.

The Port Authority’s transportation projects since inception have resulted in $39.01 million for design concepts, repaving Mariposa road, coordinating border infrastructure, ADOT 5-year plan projects, ADOT new primary booths at Mariposa POE, widening of SR-189 for entry and egress to and from Mariposa POE and creating pedestrian pick up and drop off facilities at the Mariposa POE.

Board Members

Members of the Port Authority are key decision makers in the region’s economy, shaping the future for Ambos Nogales.

More Impacts

The Port Authority’s active participation on a variety of key cross-border issues has resulted in:

Support for the efforts of the Fresh Produce Association of the Americas to maintain the Suspension Agreement for the import of Mexican fresh tomatoes

Creation of the Corridor Working Group to focus on the operation and maintenance of the Corridor on the Mexican side of Mariposa

Support from U.S. and Mexico dignitaries and their participation in countless seminars and forums throughout North America

"A Greater Nogales" coalition in partnership with: