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Since inception just over a decade ago, the Port Authority has been one of the principle consensus builders and implementers of strategies to advance a number of key initiatives and infrastructure projects that stand to have an impact in Ambos Nogales for generations to come. A quick review of the activities to date confirm that the Port Authority has been directly involved in helping to secure close to $330 million in projects that have been completed. Additionally, the Port Authority is working on projects that stand to bring forth more than $300 million worth of infrastructure to the community. And then there are all the other advocacy and positioning efforts that have taken place, elevating the needs of the community before decision makers at the state, regional and federal binational level.

Among the key infrastructure projects and strategic initiatives that have been completed are:

  • Helped coordinate the deployment of the SENTRI lane at the DeConcini POE.
  • We assisted in the implementation of the Western Hemisphere Travel Initiative (WHTI) which changed the documentary requirements for U.S. travelers crossing the border.
  • We lead the efforts to design and build the Free and Secure Trade (FAST) lane at Mariposa ($4.5 million from ADOT and $1 million from State of Sonora).
  • We managed the study that revised the Flood Plain along the Nogales Wash to the Santa Cruz River.
  • Supported the expansion of the Morley Gate, a historical pedestrian crossing that needed improvements to ensure the safety of the officers and the border-crossing public(~$2 million).
  • Supported the City of Nogales’ efforts that resulted in an increase in the City’s debt rating by Standard & Poor’s from BBB to AA, resulting in cost savings to the City of more than $200,000 per year for some 17 years (~$3.4 million). This rating was once again confirmed in December of 2015
  • We received the Paul Fanin Award from the Arizona-Mexico Commission for demonstrating acts of good will and support toward the Arizona-Mexico relationship.
  • Worked with ADOT and CBP to establish the Pilot Program for Overweight Permits, allowing trucks to enter into certain routes in Nogales and Santa Cruz County at 90,800 pounds resulting in an estimated cost savings per shipment of some $300 to $500. These permits have also generated more than $7 million to date for the State of Arizona with the state receiving 1.4 million annually and some $700,000 each annually for the City of Nogales and Santa Cruz County.  The amounts to the local community are on an annual basis for the duration of the program.

Board Members

Members of the Port Authority are key decision makers in the region’s economy, shaping the future for Ambos Nogales.

More Accomplishments

We supported efforts by the City of Nogales to address the Nogales Wash and the International Outfall Interceptor, leading a delegation to Washington, D.C. in 2010 to raise awareness of the issue with our Congressional delegation and with key federal agencies. We also arranged a meeting for the City of Nogales and the State of Arizona with the Commissioner of the International Boundary and Water Commission (February 2010), and hosted two meetings of the Good Neighbor Environmental Board in Nogales.

Our partnership with ADOT and the Federal Highways Administration, along with the Union Pacific Railroad has resulted in major improvements (Over $83 million) to the road infrastructure in Nogales, including:

  • Funding for Design Concept Report (DCR) for the connector between the port of entry and Mariposa ($1 million)
  • Repaving of Mariposa Road ($4.5 million)
  • 2010 Coordinated Border Infrastructure (CBI) Projects ($3.4 million)
  • Projects included in the ADOT 5-Year Plan from 2013 to 2017 ($14.03 million)
  • New ADOT primary booths at Mariposa, including Weigh-in-Motion Scales ($10+ million)
  • Widening of SR-189 for entry and egress to and from Mariposa POE, including ramp-up lane for northbound trucks ($4.5 million)
  • Pedestrian pick up and drop off facilities at the Mariposa POE ($580,000)
  • Modernizing all the bridges over the washes in the Tucson-Nogales railroad corridor to steel-frame structures increasing the weight bearing capacity from 268,000 to 286,000 pounds ($15 million)
  • Modernizing the rail inspection yard at Rio Rico ($30 million)

Our funding for reconstruction of the Mariposa Port of Entry since inception equals $228.094 million for:

  • Design Phase funding in the FY 2007 ($13.694 million)
  • Construction Phase funding through the American Recovery and Reinvestment Act of 2009 ($199.4 million)
  • Expanded southbound facilities CBP funding (~$15 million)

Working with the Mexican Side of Mariposa, we secured the commitment of the Peña Nieto Administration and the Minsitry of Communications and Transportation of Mexico for improvements to the Mexican side at an estimated cost $20 million, including:

  • Repaving of the entire 13 kilometer corridor with a thicker layer of pavement that will last longer
  • Constructing a new lane for 1 kilometer leading up to the border
  • Constructing a pedestrian pick up and drop off area just south of the border

As a result of our efforts, Mexico has also widened the road for approximately the last 400 meters up to the border taking Mariposa from 8 north-bound lanes (4 cargo and 4 vehicular lanes) to more than 21 north-bound lanes (8 cargo, 12 vehicular, 1 bus, in addition to dedicated pedestrian facilities) for both northbound and southbound traffic.

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